Hungry Horse Outside – Irish Equine Rescue Charity

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About Us

Hungry Horse Outside was established in 2011 as a direct response to the equine crisis in Ireland. We are a registered Charity 20351.

Over the years Hungry Horse Outside has grown in to one of the biggest equine rescues in Ireland working together with the public, the Department of Agriculture, the Local Authorities and the Gardai when necessary to bring a positive outcome to neglected, unwanted and or straying horses and ponies. We care for an average of 150 ponies, rehabilitating and rehoming as many as possible.

At the rescue we deal with many animals, most of whom have suffered some degree of neglect, many of whom would have died had we not intervened.

Whilst, primarily an equine rescue, Hungry Horse Outside sponsors the spaying and neutering of all dogs in Longford Dog Shelter, this enables them to move forward to a family without contributing to the endless cycle of overbreeding. The charity also covers all the costs associated with travelling them to other rescues both in Ireland and the United Kingdom to ensure they have the best possible chance at finding the right family.

Many animals require lengthy rehabilitation and may remain at the centre for several months, when they are ready they are placed in to our adoption programme where members of the public can make an application to rehome them. We always have ponies who are ready to meet their new family.

The costs of running Hungry Horse Outside are circa €400000 annually, we rely on grants, fundraising and the generosity of the public, without such we would not be able to continue to make a difference.

You can make a real difference by making a donation to the charity.