Hungry Horse Outside – Irish Equine Rescue Charity

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To start, we are a large equine rescue based in County Longford, We rescue mainly horses, with the exception of some cats and dogs. Our aim is to re-home as many horses as is possible and to educate people on the responsibilities of equine care.


Each year across rural Ireland, thousands of Horses, ponies, and Donkeys were left without adequate food, water, shelter and basic care – leading to starvation, abandonment, illness and in many cases – death. Horses feature enormously in the tradition and heritage of Ireland. The Connemara Pony, Irish Draught, Famous Thoroughbreds and Sports horses – and of course, the iconic donkey on a windswept bog.

It is shameful that reports of neglect and abuse of horses in Ireland have even reached the front page of ‘The New York Times’. Unfortunately, the value of horses has seriously declined – many are virtually worthless. For a farmer, they are not worth feeding. For the Celtic Tiger syndicates, they have given their all on the racecourse and have been placed on death row. For others who are now struggling to keep a roof over their heads, they simply cannot afford to look after a much-loved pony.

‘Hungry Horse Outside’, based near Newtownforbes, Co. Longford, is a small group of people whose aim is to help the plight of hungry, neglected and abused Horses, Ponies and Donkeys, as well as the occasional dog, cat, and goat.
How we do it you ask?

Awareness and Education

  •  Spreading the news through Facebook, Internet, Leaflets, and flyers. Providing information about Horse welfare and what we can all do to help. Awareness and education are essential for a sustainable ‘Step Change’.
  • Although we have finite resources of both time and money, we will whenever possible, respond to reports of serious neglect and either provide assistance in situ [feed, water etc] or remove the animals to an alternative location. With the consent of the owner or in co-operation with the relevant authorities.