2013 The Year in Review

Hungry Horse Outside is an entirely voluntary organisation, we run almost solely on the kindness of the public. From December 2012-2013 the organisation has helped 312 equines.
It has 120+ in it’s care.

We have has rehomed 65, This number would be much higher if we did not have to microchip and mark everything that comes through the door, finances just don’t allow us to do them as soon as we get them, it is illegal for horses not to be micro chipped and we will not rehome horses/ponies or donkeys without it.

Sadly in the year we have had to put to sleep 12 horses, ponies or donkeys all of whom had very serious health issues which they would have died a slow and painful death. We will not put a healthy horse to sleep.
We break and ride as many as possible in the year Dec 12 -Dec 13 we had 36 horses, ponies in training, many of whom have been rehomed.

On average the phone rings 100 times a week, each phone call is answered or returned. On average we get 25 emails a week looking for help, each one of these emails are answered.

From Jan 2013 to Dec 2013 the charity spent over €35,000 on the care of the horses, some of this money came from donations and the balance came out of the directors own pockets. Our biggest expense is hay and feed, we spend huge amounts, circa €15,000 a year on hay alone

Thank you so much for all your support it would not have been possible without all your help.