Abandoned Ponies

Mistreated Pony
Frighteningly Skinny Pony

Despite a tremendous summer we have received a worrying amount of calls regarding abandoned and neglected horses, ponies and donkeys. There was a huge rise in cases involving equine abandonment in 2012 and sadly this is only the beginning of what we face.

On the 14th of August 2013, the team at Hungry Horse Outside anxiously announced the arrival of 12 abandoned ponies adding greatly to our substantial herd.

These ponies were left to fend for themselves on barren land, many of whom had little or no human interaction. The whole operation cost roughly €2500 and the team would like to thank the members of the public for their support.

Corky Arrives at Hungry Horse Outside

Mistreated Horse
Corky was left to die in a cage, only 3 months old.

It started out as an ordinary day, the sun was shining, the yard was buzzing with new arrivals.
Until, one of our directors went to check on a mare who she had been keeping an eye on.
When she got to the area where the mare and her little foal had been grazing, she encountered a scene of intolerable cruelty.
Upon further investigation she found little Corky, just three months old, locked in a cat cage. Left to die. A disgusting act.
His mother just taken from her needy foal. At such a young age, Corky’s prognosis did not look good, however, he received lots of TlC and milk substitute when he arrived at the centre and now looks set to make a full recovery.

Fingers crossed for little Corky!