Kieran and Cliona join the team

What can we say about this little child only we’re very very proud to have him on our side. A remarkable young man who dedicated his time to ensuring the HHO ponies residing at his house have the very best chance of getting a home. Kieran put his little heart and soul into HHO Annabelle and sadly on Friday he was devastated to see her leave.

Although heartbroken to see Annabelle go after spending months handling, grooming, spoiling and eventually riding her , Kieran put his own feelings aside and walked Annabelle to a lorry where she began her journey to a better life, knowing her new family would love her just as much as he did and at 10 years old knowing another pony needed him much more than Annabelle did.

We’re so so proud of you and your little sister Cliona who is flat out setting up obstacle courses and feeding carrots to the rest! You two are our heroes and well done to you both. we’re so proud of you both and thank you for joining team HHO.

Young Boy leads Horse to new home