11 Donkeys & 1 Big Move

Donkeys on the move


Today is a day that will go down in HHO history, a new and exciting adventure, almost weekly we see a transport truck roll in to the yard to bring our ponies and horses to their new homes, it is nothing unusual and has become normal at HHO but this morning a little after 7 am, the very first load of HHO donkeys began their journey to a new life in Scotland and there was actually tears.

To help you fully understand why there is a constant struggle for homes in Ireland, donkeys are often notoriously neglected, taken for granted animals, maybe even seen as less important, we’re faced with hundreds of donkey complaints, donkey problems and donkey neglect annually, we do our utmost for each and every one of them to save their lives, correct the overgrown hooves and put back together the pieces of broken little hearts, the amount of donkeys that come to us far exceed the homes stepping forward. We were reaching a breaking point with them- there was no more room, space just wasn’t there, there was no light at the end of the tunnel for these little pets and we were sweating- what about the next donkey, can we help it? Where will we put it? What is the long-term plan? Can we start a campaign to make all the good people of Ireland aware these donkeys need help and most of all need good families of their own. 

In the midst of constant worry about these donkeys and we were quickly clocking up the numbers, we reached out to Donkey Welfare agencies and got a response- yes, we can help, yes, we have homes, already vetted and waiting for the donkey of their dreams and it spiraled.
Today 11 beautiful little boys left us to begin an adventure of a lifetime, crossing to Scotland where they will be placed in loving, secure homes and we couldn’t be happier for them. 

We cannot even express how grateful we are to the good people of Scotland for helping our own donkey crisis. To the Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland for supporting when and where they could, Sai Sanctuary for also supporting and advising and taking as many donkeys in as they could, to our farrier who is always on hand to help mend these manmade problems.

 So as they travel in comfort, we eagerly await news of their arrival, we’re hopeful it will be the start of something wonderful for these Irish donkeys.
Thank you to everyone who helped and to those considering adopting a donkey or two, please get in touch, there are so many who need help.



Alice in Sagoland

A dream life for our Alice


This is HHO Alice, it’s so wonderful seeing how far she’s come since we took her in.

As you can see she is loving her new life across the world in the beautiful country of Sweden.

We only wish the best for her in her new home, as we do for all our rehomed horses, ponies, and Donkeys.

Let’s keep up the good work, and continue to help Ireland’s precious equine.

Thanks to all our supporters