beautiful horses and ponies off to their new home

Ah- the best bit about this, so many beautiful horses and ponies off to their new home. Often in a haze of constant craziness we forget to reflect on the good things. We’re so proud that we consistently rehome the ponies in our care, we are very lucky we don’t usually experience a stagnant period of rehoming and each week we are blessed to rehome between 7-10 ponies through our European rehoming programme, this is vital to enable us to continue helping those who need it. Obviously the more we home, the more we can take in. So this weekend, we said goodbye to Carmel and Bandit Odessa, Bruno, Tara and Kerry, our one eyed boy David Brown, as they continue their journey to their homes we can only be pleased that we were just a small part of their lives, we are very proud of each and every one of them who have experienced an array of difficulties, from starvation, abandonment, to untreated injuries, each one of them leaving it all behind them to start afresh, to be loved dearly, to be a families world. Good bye, safe travels and good luck little friends, we’ll be watching you all!