How to rehome a Hungry Horse Outside rescue

Our primary objective is to find suitable, loving and long term homes for our rescues. Normally these equines have come full circle at HHO and there is little more we can do for them other than search for a family.

We would encourage all horse lovers to consider a rescue, it is not only a hugely rewarding experience but it will also make room for the next one in need. If you are in the position to offer a long term home to a rescue we would love to hear from you.

Most of our equines are rehomed unbroken and as blank canvasses we are especially interested in hearing from those with the experience to train the horse.

Step 1:


Expression of Interest form

Step 2:

Send your application back to us via email

or via post

Hungry Horse Outside,



Co. Longford

If we feel we have a suitable pony or horse for you we will get in touch with you to arrange a home visit. 

Note: An adoption fee will be applied upon successful application

You can help in the short term too! 


We would love to hear from people who would be willing to train a pony or two for riding, those who are willing to work with them to brighten the future and prepare them for a family of their own.


At times we have ponies who are shy or nervous, one to one experience is absolutely crucial to these animals, a dedicated person who will handle them daily, if you feel you could help an equine in need of confidence, please get in touch.


Have you an empty stable? Plenty or hay, feed and care? Or maybe you are over run by grass in the summer time?

On an almost daily basis HHO have ponies who we need help with rehabilitating. Often times, compromised ponies progress quicker in quieter environment, where they will be given time to recuperate, recover and prepare for their new life. If you feel you could possibly help we would love to hear from you!

If you would like to foster/adopt a horse or donkey please fill out our Expression of Interest form

To give a dog a new home, please see the Dogs for Re-homing Facebook Page.

HHO Sponsor the Neutering/Spaying, Vaccination, and Microchipping of all the Longford pound dogs. They are kept for as long as it takes to find them a new home.