Breeze’s Story

sick horse

Hi everybody, my name is Breeze.

My last owner thought it was acceptable to keep me locked in a shed, with no food, no water or no light.
The conditions were so bad that I spent every day up to my hocks in my own dung. I was so thirsty I was forced to try and suck the moisture out of bits of timber, in the end I gave up on that and resigned myself to drinking my own urine. I was so hungry, I had accepted that I was going to die in this horrible, dark shed.

One day the door opened, blinded by the light I could not see, I heard some gasps then, a warm hand touched me and spoke softly to me, telling me I would be alright.
I was led to a horsebox and loaded so gently, I had never experienced a gentle hand before. The voice told me “we are going to bring you home”. At first I did not understand this “home” word.

When I arrived at the place I later learned was called Hungry Horse Outside, I was excited, I was allowed all the water I wanted, I was given hay, I finally had a bed of my own all fluffed up with straw, I wonder if I should lie on it or eat it.

Today I know what home means and I sure am a pretty lady after all these months of care, look at me now!

healthy horse after treatment

Cupcake’s Story

sick horse

Hi, my name is Cupcake.
My last owner thought that it was alright for me to live in a field with no grass or water, only rushes. Hungry Horse Outside found me, fed me, dosed me and looked after my feet.

I am only one year old and am going to have a foal to a Jack donkey. I am too young, but at least I know that people care about me now.

This was Cupcake then Look at her now! Loving the accommodation.

healthy horse after treatment