Marty’s Misery


Yesterday, Hungry Horse Outside visited a site in Co. Monaghan following a complaint made by a member of the public concerned about the well-being and conditions a Shetland pony was being kept in. Upon arrival at the site, the team discovered an elderly Shetland pony, later named Marty, in an appalling condition. His hooves grossly neglected and overgrown. A case which clearly did not develop overnight. 


Marty as he was abandoned in Co. Monoghan


It became apparent that he would need to be removed immediately and receive urgent treatment. After a little rearrangement of the day, we successfully removed him from the situation with the help of the relevant authorities.
Little Marty was taken directly to the vet for the immediate commencement of his treatment. There, x-rays were taken to assess the damage caused to him and a course of treatment decided. Fortunately, for Marty his future is starting to look bright. 


Having his X-rays done by the wonderful all creatures vets in Co. Monoghan


After the vets had assessed him, he received farrier treatment to make him more comfortable, eventually at 9 pm last night, we were given the okay to bring Marty home, for the first time in god knows how many years, he slept comfortably on a big bed of straw, his belly full and looking a little relieved. This morning he is walking much better and is starting to feel more comfortable and brighter in himself.


Having his hooves examined


To think in 2018, we’re still struggling with damn right ignorance, stupidity and neglect. There is no excuse for this behavior and absolutely no excuse for gross neglect. Perhaps, once upon a time little Marty was part of someones family, suddenly he’s surplus to requirements, he didn’t even mean enough to his so called owners to spend €20 euro to keep his hooves trimmed, absolute torture and indifference was chosen over adequate care.

Perhaps, an old man like Marty wasn’t worth the effort, he had no monetary value, so why bother? It’s not a good enough excuse to leave him suffer the way he did. We’ve heard all the excuses and they just aren’t good enough. We want change.

We need to thank all parties involved for their quick action, from the authorisation, to the vets and the farrier for priortising Marty.

As it stands Marty will need all the support he can get, his rehabilitation is only beginning.

If you would like to donate towards Marty’s care you can click the link below. We can’t continue to help without your support.

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Saidies sinister story


When HHO was called to a horrendous scene last year, we were met with carcass upon carcass. A field of horses absolutely famished with hunger, but we were to unearth something even more sinister upon inspection. A shed full of ponies starving to death, no sign of food or water, no light just days spent locked inside a dark shed with no contact of any kind. Of course each one of them were loaded up and brought home, 18 horses in total.


One of whom was a little chestnut mare we named Saidie. Not only was Saidie starved with in a fraction of her life, we soon discovered she had other problems, an old neck injury which caused her whole head to tilt to one side. Upon examination it was deemed it would never be fixed but caused her no distress and she would lead a normal life, although she would look unusual, we quietly accepted it and set about her rehabilitation. 


Saidie and her comrades received all the treatment they needed but she herself never seemed to gain ground. Even after months of good food, good worming and good care she looked almost the same as she did on the day she came in. We persevered, as did Saidie. What seemed like a life time later Saidie suddenly started to look and feel better, a feeling she may not have ever felt in her lifetime. 

Seeing Saidie galloping, her head tilted to one side yet still bucking and playing, so happy to be alive. It was heart warming, something we never thought we’d see. Saidie settled in to life at HHO, we even moved her for the summer to our permanent residents never thinking she would be re homed, an air of acceptance that she was part of the long term herd, with that she suddenly began thriving. 

Then completely out of the blue one of our previous adopters got in touch , inquiring about our saidie, we explained her problems both past and present but there was no deterring this wonderful family. She was to be their special girl. As we loaded Saidie last Thursday a mix of joy and overwhelming emotion rushed over us. She walked to the lorry like a pro (head still twisted to one side) and up she jumped, one last look at us and she was gone. Off to her new life. 

We waited anxiously for news, then early Saturday morning we received it. Saidie was home, she had finally arrived at her forever home and her family are thrilled with this special girl. Sadie’s story gives us hope for everyone. Saidie will now have the life we could never give her, a life we could only dream of. Good luck Saidie, as always it has been a pleasure, we wish you all the best in life.





Mr Darcy’s Story


Mr. Darcy is rescued by HHO

On a Friday evening in late September 2016, the telephone rang, a vet, extremely worried about a pony who had been reported to him.
He was described as having hooves so long he was barely able to walk.






When HHO volunteers arrived at the location, they were met with a beautiful little pony, we later named Mr. Darcy. Piercing blue eyes full of sorrow, Mr. Darcy was in so much pain, the could barely stand. It took over an hour to walk him through the marshy field. After falling four times the volunteers managed to get him to where he could be safely loaded.

The general concensus within the volunteers was we were too late to help, the damage was already too much to him, what seemed like a lifetime later, Mr. Darcy arrived to the veterinary hospital to receive his immediate treatments.

The hospital took xrays to assess the damage caused by his severely overgrown hooves and all at HHO waited on tenderhooks for the telephone to ring with some news on him. Eventually the call

came and rather unexpectedly brought good news. Mr. Darcy was saveable, with adequate treatment he would lead a normal, happy and fulfilled life. Everyone was overjoyed and could not wait to bring him home. His farrier treatment commenced and slowly he progressed, his walking improved daily and finally he turned a corner, he was completely pain free.

The day we saw our beautiful little Mr. Darcy bucking and leaping was the day we knew he was ready to find his forever family.



Almost 5 months after Mr. Darcy arrived at Hungry Horse Outside, he left us for a new life with his new family in Germany. As he jumped on to the ramp of the lorry, we burst with pride, the little man we were so sure we would lose full of life, happiness and character. Mr. Darcy continues to live the high life in his new home, where he is cherished every single day. We are delighted we got that call to help.


Mr.Darcey in his new home with his new best friend


Sabrina’s Story


To see Sabrina now, happy, healthy and full of life it is difficult for us to comprehend it is the same pony we met last January. Terrified, bones protruding, lifeless eyes and generally fed up of life. She has been through so much and she was barely two years old. She stood in our yard with the other 11 rescued after fighting for survival for so long.

Her little body weak but she emitted an aura of kindness and smallest little hint of wanting life to get better.
In her heartbreaking state she walked around our yard gathering up the little weak boys and girls and mothered them, always protecting them sharing her stable and her food , despite being so hungry herself.

Sabrina had been through so much in her short life, she had spent so much of last winter with Her companions dying in the field she was stuck in. Day in day out she and the others past their carcasses in search for food. We cannot even imagine how horrendous that could have been for them.

With time Sabrina and all

Sabrina Horse Rehabilitation

 the others came to life again, They underwent intensive care from the HHO team, standing with them every step of the way. To let them all out to grass for the first time was fantastic, to see these horses who has suffered so much buck, kick their heels up and play, these little land mark moments may seem l trivial but they meant so much to those who rescued them.

Our proudest moment came when each and everyone of them received the all clear to be re homed. Looking every inch the beauties we knew were there last January when we could only see bones.
Sabrina’s time to shine came when she received her home offer almost the last of the 11 to find their family. She’s now been adopted by a wonderful family, to have a family of her very own, who worship her is exactly what we wanted. Lovely Sabrina, has a wonderful future in front of her and we couldn’t be prouder.