Briar Hill, Galway – Animal Hell (Graphic Content)

So we’ve been to Briar Hill again and uncovered even more carcasses of Ireland’s forgotten. We’d been previously warned of the mad scurry of horse boxes in the area the past number of days, efforts to remove horses before we got the rest. 10 left behind on site now, presumably the ones they left run wild and weren’t able to catch. To think this place is right beside a racecourse and beside it Ireland’s forgotten Horses rotting in to the ground.
This site is the stuff of nightmares, those who we managed to rescue are so weak it is horrifying, heart breaking and disgusting. We’ve already lost two of the rescued souls.

To see a mother so weak trying to rear her rack of bones foal and to see her yearling trying to feed from her too is more than disturbing it is gut wrenching, a little mare who has known nothing only horror but is so kind. Animals starved within an inch of their lives.
Briar Hell 3 will be underway next week and we’ll need an army of people to get the remaining 10 off it. This area is between 30-40 acres and the horses untouched, many won’t know what a bucket is, many will not have had any handling. We’ll need man power, donations of feed, headcollars and of course financial support if we are to make any difference to the unfortunate animals in this hovel and stop it’s reoccurring


When will the Donkey Abuse end?

he never ending saga of donkey abuse in Ireland.
HHO last week took in another 4 donkeys, 1 stallion & 3 mares, in absolutely Shocking condition. Their little hooves twisted with one little mare suffering particularly badly particularly.. She was so happy to get a dry soft bed to lie down. The little creatures are bald on their backs and ears from constant exposure to rain and wind. Hidden beneath hairy coats, they are skin and bone their little bellies bloated from malnutrition. The stallion running with the mares it is possible all are in foal, we will have to scan them to confirm this however in the event they are in foal it is unlikely any foal would survive given the condition of the mares, particularly the smallest lady. God help them but they are really friendly and trusting in spite of what they have gone through. It is heartbreaking to see them get agitated when the feed time comes- only because they have been hungry for so long. Their little noses are covered in scabs from rummaging in the dirt for food. As you know, we have to be very careful with their feeding now, we’ve our finger crossed they deserve a chance.a life they were never given before.

Destruction, Devastation, Starvation

Destruction, Devastation, Starvation team HHO need you. This is happening right this second in Ireland. Animals are starving to death. We posted yesterday whilst our internet activity has been quiet we certainly haven’t. Yesterday our team spent the day rescuing horses and ponies. We’re devasted at what we found. Horses eating clay, staggering around what used to be fields. Little foals shaking and shivering. Mammys with foals at foot heavy in foal, nothing more than bones. Perhaps with all our storms lately horses are simply not priority and whilst we did our best to grab as many as we could yesterday, sadly we could not take all we wanted to and tonight we tell you of them all. We don’t usually tell you until they are all safe. However we promise you we are hell bent on getting every last one of them. We won’t let them die there and we won’t allow the last taste in their mouths to be muck. Our hearts are breaking here in Longford. A tsunami of equines in need are calling for us but we are mere mortals . We are not super heroes, we do not have infinite space, infinite time and infinite resources . We are not in this for glory or praise we are a small group of people who do our Damn best to help as many horses as we can. We can only do it with your support. Some of the ponies are safe with us, as many as we could get, we’ll be going back for the rest as soon as we get the go ahead. The cost of running the lorry is circa 200 Euro a trip. The animals are in such poor condition they need rugs at 60-80 Euro each. Each needs a passport at 30 Euro each, marking and microchipping another 50 each. Urgent veterinary care???? Who knows how much it will cost. The basics of worming and delousing. The Colts will need gelding when they are strong enough. The cost of food! Our hearts are breaking for these animals. Today we watched that little grey mare try and look after her little foal with a lump in our throats and sheer anger bubbling inside us. We spoke about the ones we left behind with a sickening feeling in our stomachs they need us and we neeđ you. At times we think we have hardened towards neglect and nothing surprises us but the past few weeks have shown us we havent. The same passion is inside all the volunteers that was there when we established 4 years ago, this small team won’t give up. We’re determined here in Longford not to let these animals down.
If you would like to support us our PayPal is each Euro will be a help


Tough times for Hungry Horse Outside

Help Please
Good evening everyone. We can truly say We have just had a day from hell. Our whole team of volunteers have been out in force battling the elements to get animals to safety after the storm. We can safely say Longford is submerged in water. Fields not even prone to flooding are underground. Some of our own land with Our field shelters have also been affected. We’ve been out since dawn, rescuing and almost rowing home. A record number of trips to the vet were made today. The volunteers cars and vans could not withstand the floods so our jeeps were not off the road today.
We sit here tonight and think of the day, we managed to get horses off the main road where their fence had fallen Down and their field submerged. We aided many people with moving their animals to safety, we prepared for incoming animals and we tried to fix up our own place damaged by the storm. We rescued an injured duck (a first even for us) dogs, cats, little foals and yearlings. Tomorrow our day is filled again. We must try and get more suffering animals to safety.

We don’t ask very often but please if you can at all help us help the animals in need. HHO intend to help support the animals and their owners in the wake of this devastation by helping get their animals to safety and helping with extra feed, rugs, shelter if and when needed.
We also need to support the animals in our çare and with the vet, feed, straw and repair bill on the rise we need your help.
More photos tomorrow of the 20+ animals rescued today. We’ll be counting on you all. We know it is coming to Christmas and we know things are tight but please consider a once off donation to help us help the animals in need the best we can.

Rescued Duck
Flooding Longford
Flooding Longford

Horses Eating Hay

Run Free Bella

This morning we bring you some heartbreaking news, yesterday afternoon our little Bella passed peacefully with those who loved her. It was the professional opinion of her vet and her farrier that the kindest thing to do for her was let her go. We had all been worried over the last number of days and weeks that her progress had slowed and in fact was non existent, she was finding it harder and harder to walk, her treatment wasn’t having the effect it needed to be having on her much to the disdain of all who had a part in her rescue and her aftercare.
Like everything in life, the hardest thing to admit is when you have lost. We won a series of mini battles with Bella but ultimately previous neglect won the war, it too much for this very special little girl.

The little girl who was so unwanted by so many people, who lived a life of torture, was also the sweetest kindest little girl one could meet.
We had her life mapped out for her, she’d never want again, she could stay with us for the rest of her life, nodding around with some of our oldies, she’d always have a place to call home, we wanted to show her the world, a world of kindness and compassion something Bella missed out on all her life. In 7 short weeks Bella stole the hearts of the team at HHO,since receiving the devastating news yesterday that she wouldn’t get any better, there has been a quiver in the voice of anyone speaking her name, eyes watering in those who were listening, we’re devastated to say the least, our hearts ache today, there is someone missing around the HHO yard this morning, a void that will never be filled.

Bella’s stable lies empty this morning, her little gate still hanging as if she is still there watching what activity is around the yard, her rubber matting still in place and a bed of straw fit for a princess remains unslept in. After what has been such a difficult week, we’re at such a low. Our beautiful girl, with her beautiful heart is at rest now, we’re hoping she knew how much we cared about her, how much we loved her, how much we willed her to live and be happy.

Rest now sweetheart, you were one in a million, we’re so happy we plaited your mane, groomed your little body. smuggled extra carrots into your stable, took all those moments to sit and speak to you.
Thank you to everyone who sent Bella little gifts and thank you to everyone who sent a donation towards her farrier and veterinary treatment, to those who sent bottles of “buteless” to help with her pain.
Bye Bye Darling girl, we’re sorry we couldn’t save you, we tried so so hard. xxx

Darling Bella

Abandoned, Impounded, Rehomed, Abused and Seized

The story of a little girls life, born to be abused and unloved. How sad that little Bella has suffered so terribly for so much of her life. A pony, we’re sure would have been a child’s best friend, a valued member of the family, to get stuck in a viscous cycle of neglect and human incompetence.


Bella neglected hoofBella’s Hoove’s hacked in a DIY botch job


Bella’s life started with neglect which resulted in her being impounded in 2009 and it almost ended with horrendous neglect. Here at HHO we tortured ourselves all day yesterday, all night last night, we all shed tears, we all voiced anger, shouting at each other about how unfair this girls life was. we dug and dug for answers. We had braced ourselves to hear the worst and to give her the first ounce of dignity she has ever been shown. We decided, she’d never see pain again.


There is now a Ray of Hope for this once forgotten little girl.

A good friend of ours said to us yesterday as we were torn between two decisions “She’s with you now, whatever the result for her, you can be assured that’s the last of her suffering”.
We woke up this morning in a daze, Bella still on our minds, prepared to hear the worst from the professionals. Only to hear that she has a chance of survival and living a life pain free, with professional and regular care. She’ll need specialist attention, she’ll need regular farrier treatments, she’ll need regular veterinary care and until her treatment is over she’ll need correct pain management and there is a good chance she can live out her life normally. Wow! We’ve seen cases like Bella before, only a fraction  of whom could be saved. Maybe she is meant to be, maybe she was meant to come to us, who knows but we’re fighting and she’s fighting.
Bella has an infection in both her feet, she is also quite underweight(fluffy coat), she’ll be seeing the vet again on Monday and has been administered pain killers and all sorts of concoctions for infection, she has been fitted with a poultice and some shoes on both her hooves.
Bella’s road to recovery is long and we’re willing to help her every step of the way but we’re calling on you to help us help her. Bella’s care in just over 24 hrs has been 300 euro. We don’t expect it to continue at that per day but they will be consistent and constant.
We’ve been advised after the initial pain has subsided that we switch her from bute to a buteless pain killer a natural alternative as it will be easier for her little system to cope with and will have no side effects, these cost 21.50 per syringe.

Can you help us help her? Please donate to her care!
Just click the link:


Bad News for Hungry Horse Outside

Today we learnt that land we had rented for eight of our rescues has been sold. In total the charity has lost 10 acres a huge blow to us and the horses.

Although we were aware that the land was coming up for sale we did not think it would sell so rapidly. The horses need to be moved off it by the first week of January, which means that the will have to be separated into the two yards we operate from. It is devastating and really is stretching our facilities, leaving it even more difficult to take in new rescues.

All offers of help are greatly appreciated.