When you see a horse trailer driving down the road how many of you think about how you don’t want to get stuck behind them? How many times have you pulled out in front of one because you’re in a hurry?

Newsflash: we haul our babies in those trailers. We. Haul. Our. Babies. These animals are the loves of our lives. 1000+ pound creatures that trust us enough to climb into a metal box on wheels and wait patiently while we drive them to our destination. That’s something completely against the nature of a flight animal but they do it anyways because we ask. Because they trust that we will keep them safe. And you know what? We do everything in our power to do that. We leave large following distances, we slow down extra for corners, we coast up to traffic lights so we won’t throw them around if it changes at the last minute. But you know what we can’t help? We can’t avoid the asshats that are in too much of a hurry to pull out behind us. We can’t avoid the people who cut into our following distance on the freeway. We leave those spaces and travel the way we do for a reason. There is upwards of 10,000lbs behind our trucks. And it’s not 10,000lbs of carefully strapped down product, it’s 10,000lbs of trailer with living, breathing horses perched on four tiny hooves balancing themselves the best they can. We leave following distances so we can stop if we need to. We don’t leave following distances for you to swerve into when you’re in a hurry. We don’t leave following distances as openings for you to pull out in front of us.

I ask from the bottom of my heart that everyone would be more aware of horse trailers on the road. Respect the load we’re carrying. Respect our need for stopping and following distances. Don’t tailgate us. Pay even more attention in inclement weather!! We do our best to keep our horses safe but it takes everyone else being more aware too! We don’t ask all of these things just because of the weight of our rigs but because if we stop too quickly or you can’t stop quickly enough, our horses can be seriously injured. Please pay attention. Please think twice about pulling out in front of us or cutting into our lane. Is that extra 30 seconds really worth it? I know my horses’ lives are worth a lot more than saving any amount of time.

UPDATED: these photos have been shared with the permission of the owner of these magnificent animals. This sorrel horse survived but has a long road to recovery. If you would like to donate to her cause, it looks there has been a GoFundMe set up for her here:…

What a crazy few days

What a crazy few days, after 4 years of rehoming abroad we finally decided to take on the journey ourselves to get a real feel for it, whilst we have been sending our own vehicles for quite some time, it is the first time the heart of HHO took to the ports, the motorways and the autoban to get these horses home, it is a rare occasion more than one of us gets time away at the same time, prior to this we had been relying on the guidance of different drivers our own included but our volunteers decided that is was time to undertake the 6 day long journey ourselves, it allows us to see what improvements can be made for the ponies, what works, what doesnt and finally we can understand just how one small incident can delay the trip for hours something you dont think of until you are sitting in that traffic jam. It was opportunity to see the job through to the very end, and observe the cycle become complete. We’ve seen the horses at their very worst and now we can definitely say we have seen them at their very best. There is no greater feeling than giving a rescue pony a chance at a real future. On a long and difficult roadway, at points where we thought we were coming to the end of the earth, we thought to ourselves we would drive anywhere, do anything to get these little pets to their families. Each little life on the transport precious, deserving and relying on us to get to their families. Driving through Europe has been an education and a wonderful experience. The hospitality of the German people has been incredible. The scenic views rivalling our own beautiful country. The fantastic homes our wonderful ponies are getting is second to none with warm, kind hearted and sympathetic people. It is true what they say one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure and seeing our ponies being made so welcome to really be welcomed as part of the family is incredible, it was heart warming. So as we make our way back home to Ireland, we cant help but think how grateful we are to have our Rehoming Programme, we have now yet again confirmed that we are doing the right thing for them. So to Ally, Tulip, Dillon, Mona, Magic Mike and Elf we wish you all the best. We’ll be watching you all as always . Goodbye little friends.

HHO Pub Quiz



We would like to thank everyone who came along to our charity pub quiz last night, because of your help we raised over €600. All of which will go towards the 200+ horses we currently have in our care. We would like to thank all of our very generous sponsors for donating some fantastic spot prizes and vouchers that got raffled off on the night. It was a brilliant night and only for our local support we wouldn’t have done it, Thank you, from all of us here at the HHO, see you next time.



Bag Packing Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser


We would like to say a Massive Thank you to all that volunteered & donated yesterday for our bag packing fundraiser.

We’re pleased to announce we managed to raise the grand total of €850

We also want to give a special mention to Dunnes Stores Longford, Longford Volunteer Centre and people that were kind enough to donate some of their time. Also the lads in Direct Provision Longford. We couldn’t praise them enough for their help and hard efforts.

If anyone would like to organize a fundraiser in your area or take part in upcoming events please contact our facebook page and leave a message.

As we continue to support neglected animals in the community.

Well Done Everyone



Murphy’s Law

Horse Box

So here, we seem to have Murphy’s law situations where ‘ Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’ type of year and again we’ve suffered yet another blow. So there we have it the horse box that’s hauled thousands of horses to safety over the years has seen better days. We’re wondering here if it’s even worth fixing but we can’t be without a horse box at the ready.

Just another bill we didn’t need and certainly can’t afford right now. Does anyone want to contribute to help get it back on the road? any donation would be greatly appreciated and a step in the right direction.

To donate please click the link below:


Christmas Hamper

Christmas Hamper Time


Its that time of the year again, feel free to pop in and grab yourself a ticket for just €2 or to be in with a better chance you can grab yourself 3 lines for €5. Thank you to Diane O’Dowd for putting together a gorgeous pet hamper for your little furry friend.

Visit us in the HHO Charity shop

Unit 8, Hibernian court

Longford Town



Thank you & Good luck