Not every Bambi story is a sad one


Baby Bambi came to us this time 2 years ago, one would be forgiven for thinking her chances were minimal. Only two months old and no sign of her mother, we can only surmise as to what happened her, a big pot belly, unsteady on her little hooves, crawling with lice, absolutely covered in rain rash. We set to work but the expectations were low.

Volunteers at HHO became her mammy, they took turns staying with her night after night, the endless rounds of milk, functioning on only a few hours of sleep a night and starting it again the next day, knowing 150 other horses were relying on us. 

Bambi for some reason muddled through, that is literally the only way to describe it, she neither made progress or went backwards, so we persevered and persevered and persevered some more, although her appearance didn’t make any drastic improvements she was a happy little soul, always meeting us with a cheerful neigh, we often wondered how she even had the energy to be so sweet. At this point she loved her foal feed, she loved to have her sneaky foal milk, she just loved to eat! Yet still no drastic difference.

 Summer came and Bambi began to grow. she was independent enough to go out with all the other foals at this point, suddenly, she started to blossom albeit only a small bit but we could see a change, and with change came a chance, a chance to really hope, that summer passed and it was time for the foals to come back inside, one night Bambi had no neigh for us, she didn’t want her beloved food, she lay on the straw not moving and for the life of us we couldn’t figure out what was wrong, thus began the Bambi vigil again, we were sure this was the end of the line for Bambi and we were devastated, a vet even confirmed the same when suddenly she got up went over to her hay and started eating.

 Well from that night on, she never looked back, within 6 months she was strong enough to be put up for adoption, Bambi was so lucky to be adopted by a wonderful lady from Luxembourg with her two best friends, Bambi’s friends, the two who were with her all along, who stayed with her on the days she did not feel so well, who kept us company when we sat with her on all those long nights.
Wasn’t every second of worry worth it, when you see her today? Happy, healthy and absolutely beautiful! It’s what it is all about!

Where one thing falls another grows. maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same. – Bambi

Help the little ones


So here it is. At the moment we have about 60 Shetlands, small ponies, from 9hh-12hh in size. The re homing applications are sparse for the little ones . We’ve been really racking our brains on how to put a plan together to find our little ones new loving homes.
We’ve come up with a possibility, we’d like to train the little ones to improve their chances. We want to help show they can be not just good ponies but great ponies.



We cannot do this alone with so many other horses and ponies in our care, this is something we would have to get some outside help with, we’re appealing for your help. Each pony trained will cost between 300-400 euro. Money we just don’t have. However, we would still like to proceed.


What we’re asking? 

For you and a group of your friends to get together and sponsor the training of one pony. For every individual to donate €5 or €10 to help start the next step of their journey.



We’ll of course keep you updated on their training, we need to be proactive, positive and work together to get them all home .

You can donate via paypal

Please mark payments training project.

Also don’t forget to keep an eye on our Godparent programme being launched over the next week.



We can’t do this without you.

Saidies Sinister story

Some weren’t as lucky as Saidie
Saidie arriving at the HHO yard


It is only really when you look back on their rescues, you appreciate how far they have come.

When HHO was called to a horrendous scene last year, we were met with carcass upon carcass. A field of horses absolutely famished with hunger, but we were to unearth something even more sinister upon inspection. A shed full of ponies starving to death, no sign of food or water, no light just days spent locked inside a dark shed with no contact of any kind. Of course each one of them were loaded up and brought home, 18 horses in total. 

One of whom was a little chestnut mare we named Saidie. Not only was Saidie starved with in a fraction of her life, we soon discovered she had other problems, an old neck injury which caused her whole head to tilt to one side. Upon examination it was deemed it would never be fixed but caused her no distress and she would lead a normal life, although she would look unusual, we quietly accepted it and set about her rehabilitation. 

Saidie and her comrades received all the treatment they needed but she herself never seemed to gain ground. Even after months of good food, good worming and good care she looked almost the same as she did on the day she came in. We persevered, as did Saidie. What seemed like a life time later Saidie suddenly started to look and feel better, a feeling she may not have ever felt in her lifetime. 

Seeing Saidie galloping, her head tilted to one side yet still bucking and playing, so happy to be alive. It was heart warming, something we never thought we’d see. Saidie settled in to life at HHO, we even moved her for the summer to our permanent residents never thinking she would be re homed, an air of acceptance that she was part of the long term herd, with that she suddenly began thriving. 

Then completely out of the blue one of our previous adopters got in touch , inquiring about our saidie, we explained her problems both past and present but there was no deterring this wonderful family. She was to be their special girl. As we loaded Saidie last Thursday a mix of joy and overwhelming emotion rushed over us. She walked to the lorry like a pro (head still twisted to one side) and up she jumped, one last look at us and she was gone. Off to her new life. 

We waited anxiously for news, then early Saturday morning we received it. Saidie was home, she had finally arrived at her forever home and her family are thrilled with this special girl. Saidie’s story gives us hope for everyone. Saidie will now have the life we could never give her, a life we could only dream of. Good luck Saidie, as always it has been a pleasure, we wish you all the best in life.

much love, all at the HHO.


This is Saidie enjoying life to the full in Germany with her wonderful new owner & best friend Elvira 

Whats up Roger?

Hi guys my name is HHO Roger.

” When HHO met me in May of 2015 i  didn’t have much going for me, I was abandoned at the hands of people who should have cared for me, frightened, alone and weak from hunger and thirst. Like all our ponies here at HHO I underwent rehabilitation and waited, and waited and waited for someone to fall in love with me. They loved me at HHO but seeing my little face just waiting for a family to come along was heart wrenching.”


Roger the day he arrived on the HHO yard


“Just when they thought i would be joining their permanent herd my day came, a little girl in Germany and her mother fell head over heals in love me, the HHO’s remarkable little fighter.
As you can see my life is a little different now, the world is now at my hooves, I am best friend to a little girl here in Germany, my forever home. ”

we’re delighted we have had another beautiful ending for yet another one of Ireland’s unwanted ponies.
We think he looks just fabulous, what would you say? 


He just loves his new best friend


Donkeys need love too

Here at HHO we will always do our best to help an animal in need. We didn’t turn away when they needed us. Sadly we neither have the space, the resources or the man power to meet the demand for help.
Of late a massive amount of donkeys have needed us. Many have come from horrendous circumstances, we have done our very best to set them on the path to recovery. Donkeys are a very special part of Irish culture but thousands of donkeys per year are cast aside in our fair country, labelled as “worthless”, well we disagree, they are beautiful, intelligent and wonderful animals, who make fantastic family pets.
Our video features just a handful of donkeys who needed our help recently, all of whom are looking for a new home. To continue helping those in need, we need to rehome as many of our “ready” donkeys as possible. Can you imagine being greeted by those long ears each morning? Can you give a donkey a place to call home?
If you would like to hear more about the rehoming procedure and what is expected from a potential home please email we would be happy to speak with you.

If you cannot offer a donkey a home maybe you would like to support them by sending a donation towards their care

You can also set up a monthly donation, any amount will help!

A Happy ending for Sky and Dover

A Happy Ending for Sky and Drover
Sky and Drover seemed to be with us forever, on and off since they were both babies. The two of them had been placed in homes in Ireland but for some reason or another had to come back to us.
Months passed and no one even batted an eyelid at our boys. Two, very sweet and kind little men. We had resigned ourselves that the boys would stay with us forever but our hearts ached to give them a family of their own.

Out of the blue we were contacted by a lovely lady who had seen our boys and instantly she fell in love and thus began their beautiful new life. When they left us we were overwhelmed by emotions, seeing our little boys driving away to cross Europe to meet their new family. Nerves set in and we waited here for news of their arrival.
Our worries vanished the minute they arrived, their family eagerly waiting for them and instantly their new life began, loved, spoiled cherished. It is everything we ever dreamed of and more. After spending much of their lives at HHO their day finally came. We’re so proud of our little men and we’re blessed that so many of our adopters continue to share their story with us.
Here they are in their home, another wonderful success story. We’ll be watching little men!




11 Horses on the way to their forever home in Germany

Yesterday brought our last European Transport of 2016, 11 more unwanted and forgotten horses left HHO to find a new life in Germany. How things have changed is incredible, instead of desperation we have an element of hope.
This programme started just with a conversation or maybe a dream of a better life for our equines, it exploded in to a phenomenal European Rehoming Programme which continues to go from strength to strength, it has not only opened the door for our own horses but we embrace the doors it has opened for many, many other rescue organisations.

2016, was our greatest year for rehoming horses, we have successfully placed way over 200 horses in their new homes. This has allowed us to save more horses than we could have ever dreamed of.
As our horses rest on route to their new homes, we have a sense of pride in what we have created, what we have done and what we have achieved. Our programme has become so strong, we recently made the decision to partner with an excellent UK transport company who have given us the opportunity to deliver our own horses, in a state of the art vehicle giving our horses the most comfortable journey possible to their new homes. Our dream and our own people, seeing our horses all the way home, something we have always wanted to do.
So we wave goodbye to our last 11 of 2016, we look forward to 2017 and breaking our rehoming record, further expanding our programme. We look forward to all the days where we wave goodbye to another load, the sigh of relief, when they arrive home safely and the days where the updates come.

Tonight, our little ones are resting on their journey home. They’ll snooze ,stretch, roll and play and tomorrow continue to their final destination.
Good Luck to Etana, Finn, Roger, Dreamer, Erin, Rosie, Baz, Orkan, Torin, Nero and Doodles. Those days you stood alone as your friends died around you are long gone, the future will be bright and the past just a distant memory, we’re very proud of you all and we’re privileged to have been part of your recovery and to have been able to give you a fresh start. Keep the rescue flag flying all the way across Europe boys and girls!

A massive thank you to all our German admins who dedicate so much of their time to help our Irish horses, we could not do it with out you.
Our drivers, Mandy and Tom, safe travelling!