Whats up Roger?

Hi guys my name is HHO Roger.

” When HHO met me in May of 2015 i  didn’t have much going for me, I was abandoned at the hands of people who should have cared for me, frightened, alone and weak from hunger and thirst. Like all our ponies here at HHO I underwent rehabilitation and waited, and waited and waited for someone to fall in love with me. They loved me at HHO but seeing my little face just waiting for a family to come along was heart wrenching.”


Roger the day he arrived on the HHO yard


“Just when they thought i would be joining their permanent herd my day came, a little girl in Germany and her mother fell head over heals in love me, the HHO’s remarkable little fighter.
As you can see my life is a little different now, the world is now at my hooves, I am best friend to a little girl here in Germany, my forever home. ”

we’re delighted we have had another beautiful ending for yet another one of Ireland’s unwanted ponies.
We think he looks just fabulous, what would you say? 


He just loves his new best friend


Cherry’s story

Cherry was a very sad case when she arrived at the HHO yard

Hi Everyone, My name is HHO Cherry.

I was found on a very cold and wet day in January,  they came for me and my friends. As i stood shaking with fear in a field, nothing to eat and no access to fresh drinking water all i had was some mucky puddles, that day was the first day I saw the  kindness in humanity.

They told me they were bringing me and my friends home, I didn’t really know what home meant but I took my chances. That night for the first time in a what felt like forever i lay down on a big bed of straw, I was so Hungry I couldn’t stop myself nibbling on it. They gave me some lovely fresh hay and fresh water to drink and even a few handfuls of delicious nuts. At that time I didn’t know what they were but I quickly learned and they were so yummy.

The next day, a nice man came to see me, he said he was going to fix my feet, They were very sore. I didn’t like this but I was too tired to resist, after I’d been fighting for my life all winter long. When I was finally fully dry they put a really warm rug on me, It was super snug. They also told me I was full of worms, I was a bit annoyed with them when they gave me this disgusting paste. A gentle hand told me I was going to be okay. I was so itchy too, they say that was lice. Again, they treated me for these itchy monsters. In a few days I started to feel much better.

Each day they came to me, some days a look of horror on their faces, other days sadness. After a little while I was strong enough to have a little walk around the yard and meet all the lovely animals they have rescued over the years, I often fought with the other horses around the feeder, each morsel seemed like it could be my last so i was trying to make the most of it. I couldn’t quite believe that every day someone fed us, someone comes to see us and the biggest thing someone cared.

So here I am in June, a whole 6 months since I arrived at HHO, every week, my appearance has changed for the better. I walk now with pride, they keep telling me that they always knew I would be stunning and if I do say so myself, I look and feel fantastic, 6 months ago I didn’t know if I could continue fighting for my life. Now I look forward to each day, finally I am happy and free of pain and misery.
I suppose the reason I am telling you all this, is often Team HHO don’t have time to get our stories out there. They continue to fight and rehabilitate us, giving us the best chance at life.
A head count today says there is over 183 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in their care. Sometimes they have over 200 at one time.

Just today 5 more ponies and 1 donkey arrived, each one of them will need
Microchipping and Passporting (they tell me this is the law).

  • Microchipping & Passports, @€50 each = €250
  • Worming, Delousing, @€20 each = €120
  • Farrier care, @€25 each = €150
  • Dental (when needed), – @ €60
  • Before they go home they’ll need vaccinations – @€30 each = €180
  • The stallions will need to be castrated, – @ €100 each

And they need feeding for every week they spend in our care. A huge bill as you can see, this is all before they can even prepare to re home them.

In my ideal world, all their followers would donate €1, €2, €3, €4 or €5 euro, one coffee less a week and it would help HHO continue to help horses like me and the other 188.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you’ll support the rehabilitation of other horses like me


This is cherry all ready for her trip to Sweden and her forever home

No horses but just as cute!

These two very young goats were dumped on a lane near Longford no one else would take the poor babies in. Mick here at HHO has his hands full.  A little donation for milk for them would really be a great help as we are snowed under with horses. And a big thanks to the people who brought them to us other wise they would have not made it.

Baby Goats

More difficult times for the Hungry Horse team

Loughrea Update

Forgotten horses and hho wormed and microchiped the remaining ponys but again there was another down



Update 11/1/2017
Our little Loughrea darling managed to stand today with a little help. She has a small bit of fight. As you can see she is literally skin and bone. We’ve everything crossed for our girl. Please keep her in your thoughts we’re willing her to get stronger. Come on girl!!!

Final Update

Sadly, no matter how hard we tried, little Starlight did not have the strength to continue her fight. She slipped away to rainbow bridge joining so many of Ireland’s forgotten horses. Run Free our little darling.

The Rainbow Bridge For Horses

Author Unknown

By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,

is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.

Where the friends of man and woman do run,

when their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,

is a place where beloved creatures find rest.

On this golden land, they wait and they play,

til The Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,

for here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.

Their limbs are restored, their health renewed.

Their bodies have healed with strength imbued.

They trot through the grass without even a care,

til one day they whinny and sniff at the air.

All ears prick forward, eyes sharp and alert.

Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the herd.

For just at that second, there's no room for remorse.

As they see each other…one person…one horse.

So they run to each other, these friends from long past

The time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart

has turned to joy once more in each heart.

They nuzzle with a love that will last forever.

And then, side-by- side, they cross over…together.

Help us help them

Sunday is a day of rest,but as always for our HHO Animal welfare advisers and Carers it is a busy day.

So many horses, ponies and donkies to care for and also a long day on the road for 2 of our advisers who set sail on a 9 hour round trip to pick up a small family of donkeys who needed our help! No one could step forward to help these poor souls! Their owner, elderly, who fell ill couldn’t care for them anymore! Mommy, 27 years old and her 3 children 20, 14 and 15.
Help was asked for and doors were closed, but Everyone here in HHO knew they couldn’t close the door on these poor souls!

Boots where lost and socks are in the bin however the difficulties were overcome and the family of 4 were safely loaded! A lot of tenderness and care was needed as Mom hadn’t moved from her home in 20 years and her children had never left the security of the only pace they knew as home! They need lots of tlc and farrier care and mom needs expert donkey care but we are confident they will settle here with us in HHO and spend the rest of their days feeling secured and loved
This is why we are here… to help people who need support and animals who really need our help.
We need your support so we can help them.

The little family are tucked up in a big stable.
Their journey to a safe haven complete


Or text HHO to 50300 to donate €4
Please help us help them

Thank you


Before and After Horse
When we met Hope in the depths of last Winter, we despaired, we cried, we prayed, we wrapped her in cotton wool, it seemed her journey was endless. Our little darling had no hope, on those desperately cold winter mornings and evenings when we were lifting a feeble and skeletal body to help her stand we wondered if we were even doing the right thing.
Would she ever turn a corner, were we prolonging the inevitable, but Hope told us to persist. Each day we lifted her, she’d waddle along the driveway wrapped in her little rug for a pick of grass, often times we’d stay with her, look at our little girl and beg her to keep fighting. At only three months old she was all alone in this world. No mother, no one to teach her how to be a pony, no one to teach her how to eat, nothing.
A little girl all alone in this world with nothing, her body covered in rain rash, every bone protruding, weak and almost dead like, But two little blue eyes asked us to extend the hand of help even further, to keep lifting her, to keep willing her to live and to keep telling her about the beautiful future she would have. So we did, and it paid off.. Standing before us today, We looked at her with pride.
Full of life and fun just like a baby should be. We are so proud of her and how far she has come and we look forward to the day we can tell her she’s going home, the magical home we told her about in her darkest hours.

A Girl and her Pony

They say “Every pony deserves at least once in their lives to be loved by a little girl”
Well like many of the HHO ponies Jamie is now living just that. but Jamie is a special needs pony, he only has one eye but the kindness and compassion of this little child leads to his disability being forgotten. She spends her days bringing Jamie for walks, grooming him and as far as we have heard the pair spend quite a lot of time cuddling.
Whilst Jamie lives in Germany, we hear regularly from his family with his latest news. We’re so thrilled he finally met his “one”

A Little girl hugs her small pony

Destruction, Devastation, Starvation

Destruction, Devastation, Starvation team HHO need you. This is happening right this second in Ireland. Animals are starving to death. We posted yesterday whilst our internet activity has been quiet we certainly haven’t. Yesterday our team spent the day rescuing horses and ponies. We’re devasted at what we found. Horses eating clay, staggering around what used to be fields. Little foals shaking and shivering. Mammys with foals at foot heavy in foal, nothing more than bones. Perhaps with all our storms lately horses are simply not priority and whilst we did our best to grab as many as we could yesterday, sadly we could not take all we wanted to and tonight we tell you of them all. We don’t usually tell you until they are all safe. However we promise you we are hell bent on getting every last one of them. We won’t let them die there and we won’t allow the last taste in their mouths to be muck. Our hearts are breaking here in Longford. A tsunami of equines in need are calling for us but we are mere mortals . We are not super heroes, we do not have infinite space, infinite time and infinite resources . We are not in this for glory or praise we are a small group of people who do our Damn best to help as many horses as we can. We can only do it with your support. Some of the ponies are safe with us, as many as we could get, we’ll be going back for the rest as soon as we get the go ahead. The cost of running the lorry is circa 200 Euro a trip. The animals are in such poor condition they need rugs at 60-80 Euro each. Each needs a passport at 30 Euro each, marking and microchipping another 50 each. Urgent veterinary care???? Who knows how much it will cost. The basics of worming and delousing. The Colts will need gelding when they are strong enough. The cost of food! Our hearts are breaking for these animals. Today we watched that little grey mare try and look after her little foal with a lump in our throats and sheer anger bubbling inside us. We spoke about the ones we left behind with a sickening feeling in our stomachs they need us and we neeđ you. At times we think we have hardened towards neglect and nothing surprises us but the past few weeks have shown us we havent. The same passion is inside all the volunteers that was there when we established 4 years ago, this small team won’t give up. We’re determined here in Longford not to let these animals down.
If you would like to support us our PayPal is hungryhorseoutside@gmail.com each Euro will be a help


Abandoned, Impounded, Rehomed, Abused and Seized

The story of a little girls life, born to be abused and unloved. How sad that little Bella has suffered so terribly for so much of her life. A pony, we’re sure would have been a child’s best friend, a valued member of the family, to get stuck in a viscous cycle of neglect and human incompetence.


Bella neglected hoofBella’s Hoove’s hacked in a DIY botch job


Bella’s life started with neglect which resulted in her being impounded in 2009 and it almost ended with horrendous neglect. Here at HHO we tortured ourselves all day yesterday, all night last night, we all shed tears, we all voiced anger, shouting at each other about how unfair this girls life was. we dug and dug for answers. We had braced ourselves to hear the worst and to give her the first ounce of dignity she has ever been shown. We decided, she’d never see pain again.


There is now a Ray of Hope for this once forgotten little girl.

A good friend of ours said to us yesterday as we were torn between two decisions “She’s with you now, whatever the result for her, you can be assured that’s the last of her suffering”.
We woke up this morning in a daze, Bella still on our minds, prepared to hear the worst from the professionals. Only to hear that she has a chance of survival and living a life pain free, with professional and regular care. She’ll need specialist attention, she’ll need regular farrier treatments, she’ll need regular veterinary care and until her treatment is over she’ll need correct pain management and there is a good chance she can live out her life normally. Wow! We’ve seen cases like Bella before, only a fraction  of whom could be saved. Maybe she is meant to be, maybe she was meant to come to us, who knows but we’re fighting and she’s fighting.
Bella has an infection in both her feet, she is also quite underweight(fluffy coat), she’ll be seeing the vet again on Monday and has been administered pain killers and all sorts of concoctions for infection, she has been fitted with a poultice and some shoes on both her hooves.
Bella’s road to recovery is long and we’re willing to help her every step of the way but we’re calling on you to help us help her. Bella’s care in just over 24 hrs has been 300 euro. We don’t expect it to continue at that per day but they will be consistent and constant.
We’ve been advised after the initial pain has subsided that we switch her from bute to a buteless pain killer a natural alternative as it will be easier for her little system to cope with and will have no side effects, these cost 21.50 per syringe.

Can you help us help her? Please donate to her care!
Just click the link:


Busy Times for Hungry Horse Outside

You may have noticed we have been unusually quiet over the Christmas period , whilst our internet presence has been low the volunteers of HHO have been far from idle. The past month of continuous storms have taken it out of us physically, emotionally and financially. Mending damaged buildings, tending to animals and their owners in need of help, rescuing animals at a rate which has left us dizzy. Today started at quarter past 5 this Morning when the lorry set out, later this morning the two horse boxes went in different directions to help more horses in need. Whilst another couple of volunteers nurse a very sick trotter mare at home and our little weak foals and look after the rest of animals already in our care Reports coming back are so far there are two very cold and poor condition foals on board, 2 little Shetlands, a little filly and we are waiting on further updates. We’ll back online when we come up for air!