Corky Arrives at Hungry Horse Outside

Mistreated Horse
Corky was left to die in a cage, only 3 months old.

It started out as an ordinary day, the sun was shining, the yard was buzzing with new arrivals.
Until, one of our directors went to check on a mare who she had been keeping an eye on.
When she got to the area where the mare and her little foal had been grazing, she encountered a scene of intolerable cruelty.
Upon further investigation she found little Corky, just three months old, locked in a cat cage. Left to die. A disgusting act.
His mother just taken from her needy foal. At such a young age, Corky’s prognosis did not look good, however, he received lots of TlC and milk substitute when he arrived at the centre and now looks set to make a full recovery.

Fingers crossed for little Corky!