Your contribution will help us continue to rehabilitate and rehome many mistreated Horses and Donkeys.

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Hungry Horse Outside,

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Thank you! Your continued help has made it possible for us to keep our doors open.

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A very kind lady from Co. Kildare wrote this poem for us, please take the time to read it and consider the meaning. We loved it as soon as we heard it as it captures the very essence of what the organization does.


Hungry Horse Outside,
Feeling cast aside,
A few old coats,
A bucket of oats,
To give him back his pride.

A bale of hay,
To help his neigh,
A drink to wet his throat,
A patch of grass to call his own,
For him, this poem we wrote.

So please donate,
Before it’s too late,
Put something small aside,
for the hungry horse outside.