Donkeys need love too

Here at HHO we will always do our best to help an animal in need. We didn’t turn away when they needed us. Sadly we neither have the space, the resources or the man power to meet the demand for help.
Of late a massive amount of donkeys have needed us. Many have come from horrendous circumstances, we have done our very best to set them on the path to recovery. Donkeys are a very special part of Irish culture but thousands of donkeys per year are cast aside in our fair country, labelled as “worthless”, well we disagree, they are beautiful, intelligent and wonderful animals, who make fantastic family pets.
Our video features just a handful of donkeys who needed our help recently, all of whom are looking for a new home. To continue helping those in need, we need to rehome as many of our “ready” donkeys as possible. Can you imagine being greeted by those long ears each morning? Can you give a donkey a place to call home?
If you would like to hear more about the rehoming procedure and what is expected from a potential home please email we would be happy to speak with you.

If you cannot offer a donkey a home maybe you would like to support them by sending a donation towards their care

You can also set up a monthly donation, any amount will help!