Maizie is rescued by Hungry Horse Outside

It is with heavy hearts we bring you Maizies story.

On Friday evening,(20/09/13) Hungryhorse Outside received a phonecall regarding a little pony in distress. When Maizie was found, we were utterly horrified at her condition. Words alone are not sufficient to describe the misery of this little pony.

Imagine hitting your thumb with a hammer, imagine that pain continously, imagine trying to function with that pain in ALL your fingers.
That is only a glimpse of Maizie’s suffering. Poor Maizie is covered in lice and has a horrendous kidney infection, so severe when you touch her kidney area she kicks out in distress.

This pony has suffered for 20 + years, her owner insists her hooves were trimmed 6 MONTHS AGO. It’s organisations like Hungry Horse Outside,that are picking up the slack and the bills because of peoples ignorance and inhumanity.

We have had a vet’s report done and have administer pain killers to this little girl, she will receive a visit from a master farrier on Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest who will also do an official report on her condition. Sadly combined these reports will seal this little girls fate.

Neglected Horse with curves hooves
Curved Hooves due to neglect.