Pony found in bad condition #Galway

There is no doubt about it Galway is a beautiful city but hidden beneath the beauty and the culture is this.
Poor ponies tied shivering and shaking to trees, with makeshift ‘bridles’ no access to food or water. Locals tell us this pony has been jockeyed around all week, used and abused then tied and hidden. We dont know when the last time the bit was out of his mouth, his mouth is sore and raw, when he last had a fresh drink or when he had something nutritious to eat. Hidden away Ireland’s darkest secrets. Are we really in 2019 with people still having no regard for equine life, unable or unwilling to provide them with any of their basic needs. This pony is only a youngster not even old enough to be trained to be ridden. Once again its groups like ourselves that will have to undo the damage of irresponsible humans.
Of course there is no identification. He is safe with us now