Equine Premises

Equine Premises Registration is now the Law! Every holding equines are kept on must be registered with the Department of Agriculture.


Q: What is an equine premises?

A: This is any premises, with or without land in which a horse, pony, donkey or mule is kept either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Q: What is the purpose of Registration?

A: . The reason for registering and record keeping is so as to enable the Department to have information on the location of horses and their contacts with other horses in order that in the event of a disease outbreak, owners can be identified and advised of any necessary precautions.

Q: Who must register?

A: Anyone who is in charge of a premises where horses are kept.

Q: What are the consequences for keeping my horse at an unregistered premises?

A: It is a legal requirement that  premises where equines are kept be registered with the Department, you may be prosecuted. Also, if you don’t register your premises, you will not be able to register your horse orobtain a passport.

How to register a premises