Help the little ones


So here it is. At the moment we have about 60 Shetlands, small ponies, from 9hh-12hh in size. The re homing applications are sparse for the little ones . We’ve been really racking our brains on how to put a plan together to find our little ones new loving homes.
We’ve come up with a possibility, we’d like to train the little ones to improve their chances. We want to help show they can be not just good ponies but great ponies.



We cannot do this alone with so many other horses and ponies in our care, this is something we would have to get some outside help with, we’re appealing for your help. Each pony trained will cost between 300-400 euro. Money we just don’t have. However, we would still like to proceed.


What we’re asking? 

For you and a group of your friends to get together and sponsor the training of one pony. For every individual to donate €5 or €10 to help start the next step of their journey.



We’ll of course keep you updated on their training, we need to be proactive, positive and work together to get them all home .

You can donate via paypal

Please mark payments training project.

Also don’t forget to keep an eye on our Godparent programme being launched over the next week.



We can’t do this without you.