Winter hay appeal

Winter Hay Appeal

Please Share and Help if you can! They are counting on you

With a very difficult summer just after passing, Unfortunately we have been thrown in to the depths of winter much quicker than we had hoped and even expected. Land is flooded, the horses need to come in already, we’re using more hay than we ever could have imagined at this early point, those still out are even being substituted with bales.

As re homing will almost come to a standstill over the winter and the large numbers we expect to need our help we’re appealing to you all to help us to be able to continue to help.
This winter we will spend a colossal amount on fodder as always.
€4       will buy a square bale
€30     will buy a round bale

In the winter months we will use 10 round bales per day! (That’s a lot of hay).

If you would like to help feed a pony this winter all you have to do is donate whatever you can afford by using the link below


or you can donate via bank:

Bank Name:                Ulster Bank Longford
Bank Address:            Main Street, Longford
Bank Account No:     10753576
Sort Code:                   98-60-30
BIC:                              ULSBIE2D
I BAN:                          IE49ULSB98603010753576