11 Horses on the way to their forever home in Germany

Yesterday brought our last European Transport of 2016, 11 more unwanted and forgotten horses left HHO to find a new life in Germany. How things have changed is incredible, instead of desperation we have an element of hope.
This programme started just with a conversation or maybe a dream of a better life for our equines, it exploded in to a phenomenal European Rehoming Programme which continues to go from strength to strength, it has not only opened the door for our own horses but we embrace the doors it has opened for many, many other rescue organisations.

2016, was our greatest year for rehoming horses, we have successfully placed way over 200 horses in their new homes. This has allowed us to save more horses than we could have ever dreamed of.
As our horses rest on route to their new homes, we have a sense of pride in what we have created, what we have done and what we have achieved. Our programme has become so strong, we recently made the decision to partner with an excellent UK transport company who have given us the opportunity to deliver our own horses, in a state of the art vehicle giving our horses the most comfortable journey possible to their new homes. Our dream and our own people, seeing our horses all the way home, something we have always wanted to do.
So we wave goodbye to our last 11 of 2016, we look forward to 2017 and breaking our rehoming record, further expanding our programme. We look forward to all the days where we wave goodbye to another load, the sigh of relief, when they arrive home safely and the days where the updates come.

Tonight, our little ones are resting on their journey home. They’ll snooze ,stretch, roll and play and tomorrow continue to their final destination.
Good Luck to Etana, Finn, Roger, Dreamer, Erin, Rosie, Baz, Orkan, Torin, Nero and Doodles. Those days you stood alone as your friends died around you are long gone, the future will be bright and the past just a distant memory, we’re very proud of you all and we’re privileged to have been part of your recovery and to have been able to give you a fresh start. Keep the rescue flag flying all the way across Europe boys and girls!

A massive thank you to all our German admins who dedicate so much of their time to help our Irish horses, we could not do it with out you.
Our drivers, Mandy and Tom, safe travelling!