Leitrim Riding Club Ride for our Rescues

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from a lady called Paula Farrell informing us that Leitrim Riding Club were intending on completing a 20km sponsored ride in aid of ourselves.
We would like to thank Paula and all the members most sincerely for your help. We were completely taken aback by the dedication to our rescue from the club and we appreciate all the effort that went into making the event happen.

Well done to you guys, you should be very proud of yourselves and thank you for your kindness.

Rachel is rescued by Hungry Horse Outside

On the morning of November 8th 2013, Hungry Horse Outside received a phone call regarding a horse is distress. A mare who had been trapped in a drain overnight. The mare had been trapped for so long she had stopped fighting for her life, she had accepted she would die and no one was coming to help her.

Upon arrival at the location, the directors quickly assessed the situation, they realised that the mare would die an unthinkable death if they could not manage to get her out rapidly. They immediately called the vet and neighbours offered to help pull the horse out. It was a long operation and this little one would not have survived without the quick thinking of our directors.

Hillary desperately tries to save Rachael from this death trap

After a long struggle, she was out and Hungry Horse managed to get her standing. They loaded her into the horsebox and brought her back to the yard for emergency treatment. It was then discovered, at just 3 years old she was in foal and because she was trotted as a yearling she suffers from arthritis in one of her back legs.

Rescued Horse
Safe at last!

The little mare has been named Rachel after the woman who alerted Hungry Horse to the scene, she is expected to make a full recovery and will be seen by a neck and back specialist next week.

Donkeys get some good news!

Who remembers our massive influx of donkeys? We had 28 at the last count!

Well a good friend of ours convinced a friend of his to let us use a few acres of land for some of the donkeys. So we dropped 3 over one day.
We proceeded to geld, microchip and mark each of them and drop them one by one to this piece of land. We had 10 on the land to date.
Today as we dropped yet another two over we met Ciaran a man who has been helping look after our growing herd. (12 altogether). He informed us that our donkeys had been adopted by the whole community of Drumlish/ Ballinamuck. All the neighbours have taken it upon themselves to look after the donkeys, to bring them carrots and give them a scratch and have come together as a community to look after their welfare.

After all the negativity we are forced to report, it gave us such an lift to hear that we have a whole community are willing to care for these donkeys without ever been asked. It restores my faith in humanity. I believe they even have their own Facebook page! That same man Ciaran, then showed us yet another 5/6 acres that we are now allowed use for our 3 pregnant mares, who we know will be equally as well loved as the donkeys.

The team at Hungry Horse Outside and the horses, ponies and donkeys would like to take this opportunity to thank Ron and Ciaran but especially want to thank a lady called Anne McGee who instigated the whole adoption by setting up their Facebook page and has asked all the neighbours to drop vegetables to the donkeys. Anne you truly are an angel, you have done something magnificent and the team will never forget what you have done for our donkeys. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all the residents in the area of Drumlish/ Ballinamuck for the kindness they have showed towards these animals who once faced certain death.