Minister Coveney visits Hungry Horse Outside

On behalf of the Directors and the Volunteers of Hungry Horse Outside we would like to thank Minister Coveney for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to visit us in Longford. During his visit the Minister announced that he would be offering us €20,000 to continue our work, a very unexpected and much needed surprise.

Overjoyed by the great news!
Overjoyed by the great news!

We would like to thank the Minister and his Colleagues for their appreciation of what we do in Longford, we saw a different side of both the minister and his colleagues yesterday, normal, caring people with a great fondness for animals.

Ruby and Corky tugged on the heartstrings of Ms. McGuinness however it was Possum who is to be rehomed today to an autistic non verbal child really stole her heart.

There were several oohhs and awwhs when our ladies arrived on the riding horses, who we have to saw behaved impeccably as always, loved the attention they were getting and Esther even had a surprise rider on her back one of our local candidates.

Rescue Horses show what they can do!
Rescue Horses show what they can do!

We would also like to thank everyone who came over to support from our side, Donnagh McDonnell our vet, Michael King our County Vet, Sue Paling from Sai Sanctuary,Robert Donaghue who lent us his trap for Garfield again!Your ongoing support and believe in what we do has been incredible.

Finally thank you to all our followers who consistently supported our work we hope you will continue following us, our work and our animals through their journey from being rescued or impounded until they day they finally go home.
This money will benefit the animals of Longford greatly! Still in Shock.

Minister for Agriculture visits Hungry Horse Outside
Minister Coveney enjoying the horses