Beautiful Ruby Blossoms!

So Ruby’s time with us is coming to an end, a full 17 months has passed since we found her on that horrible winter’s day. Our hearts burst with pride when we see the girl that stands before us today. At just two years old she towers over her companions, she is beautiful on the outside and inside.
What we found that day was a bag of bones, legs rotten with infection, a little yearling so weak that we were unsure if she would live but Ruby had a fire in her, a desire to live and was willing to accept the hand that was being offered to her. Our darling girl has grown up right before our eyes, the past just a distant memory, a beauty with her whole life on front of her. Every moment of worry, every sleepless night, everytime we had to lift her to help her stand, every tear we shed was worth it, would we do it again? YES!

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