Baby Maple arrives at HHO

At this time of year every rescue in the country is full, more than full. Each one of us are looking for room just so we don’t have to say no. Well Maple’s owner gave us no choice but only find room and take over his care. An orphan foal is challenging at the best of times but when finances and space come in to the equation, an orphan foal is even more difficult. This weekend we are so so proud of our volunteers. We were trying so hard to find a place for Maple and our tiny skinny foal Marley, a place where they would be safe, away from the bigger horses and away from danger. We met dead end after dead end. We suppose anyone who knows us, knows if there is a a way we’ll find it. We find solutions rather than focus on problems, so eyeing up our fuel shed, we set to work. Making it suitable for the 2 babies. Timber and turf all moved by hand. Cleaned, disinfected, swept out, bedded down, gates hung, doors hung, hours of work, the boys now have a lovely little place to sleep and be kept out of harm’s way.

Thank you to every one who put their shoulder to the wheel as always and made a little home for the boys. Thank you to everyone who supported Maple.
Two little men don’t just need us they need you, our boys are on a very long road and we need you to see them through.

Young Foal in purple rug

Marley brown and white foal