Before and After Horse
When we met Hope in the depths of last Winter, we despaired, we cried, we prayed, we wrapped her in cotton wool, it seemed her journey was endless. Our little darling had no hope, on those desperately cold winter mornings and evenings when we were lifting a feeble and skeletal body to help her stand we wondered if we were even doing the right thing.
Would she ever turn a corner, were we prolonging the inevitable, but Hope told us to persist. Each day we lifted her, she’d waddle along the driveway wrapped in her little rug for a pick of grass, often times we’d stay with her, look at our little girl and beg her to keep fighting. At only three months old she was all alone in this world. No mother, no one to teach her how to be a pony, no one to teach her how to eat, nothing.
A little girl all alone in this world with nothing, her body covered in rain rash, every bone protruding, weak and almost dead like, But two little blue eyes asked us to extend the hand of help even further, to keep lifting her, to keep willing her to live and to keep telling her about the beautiful future she would have. So we did, and it paid off.. Standing before us today, We looked at her with pride.
Full of life and fun just like a baby should be. We are so proud of her and how far she has come and we look forward to the day we can tell her she’s going home, the magical home we told her about in her darkest hours.