What a crazy few days

What a crazy few days, after 4 years of rehoming abroad we finally decided to take on the journey ourselves to get a real feel for it, whilst we have been sending our own vehicles for quite some time, it is the first time the heart of HHO took to the ports, the motorways and the autoban to get these horses home, it is a rare occasion more than one of us gets time away at the same time, prior to this we had been relying on the guidance of different drivers our own included but our volunteers decided that is was time to undertake the 6 day long journey ourselves, it allows us to see what improvements can be made for the ponies, what works, what doesnt and finally we can understand just how one small incident can delay the trip for hours something you dont think of until you are sitting in that traffic jam. It was opportunity to see the job through to the very end, and observe the cycle become complete. We’ve seen the horses at their very worst and now we can definitely say we have seen them at their very best. There is no greater feeling than giving a rescue pony a chance at a real future. On a long and difficult roadway, at points where we thought we were coming to the end of the earth, we thought to ourselves we would drive anywhere, do anything to get these little pets to their families. Each little life on the transport precious, deserving and relying on us to get to their families. Driving through Europe has been an education and a wonderful experience. The hospitality of the German people has been incredible. The scenic views rivalling our own beautiful country. The fantastic homes our wonderful ponies are getting is second to none with warm, kind hearted and sympathetic people. It is true what they say one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure and seeing our ponies being made so welcome to really be welcomed as part of the family is incredible, it was heart warming. So as we make our way back home to Ireland, we cant help but think how grateful we are to have our Rehoming Programme, we have now yet again confirmed that we are doing the right thing for them. So to Ally, Tulip, Dillon, Mona, Magic Mike and Elf we wish you all the best. We’ll be watching you all as always . Goodbye little friends.