Rachel is rescued by Hungry Horse Outside

On the morning of November 8th 2013, Hungry Horse Outside received a phone call regarding a horse is distress. A mare who had been trapped in a drain overnight. The mare had been trapped for so long she had stopped fighting for her life, she had accepted she would die and no one was coming to help her.

Upon arrival at the location, the directors quickly assessed the situation, they realised that the mare would die an unthinkable death if they could not manage to get her out rapidly. They immediately called the vet and neighbours offered to help pull the horse out. It was a long operation and this little one would not have survived without the quick thinking of our directors.

Hillary desperately tries to save Rachael from this death trap

After a long struggle, she was out and Hungry Horse managed to get her standing. They loaded her into the horsebox and brought her back to the yard for emergency treatment. It was then discovered, at just 3 years old she was in foal and because she was trotted as a yearling she suffers from arthritis in one of her back legs.

Rescued Horse
Safe at last!

The little mare has been named Rachel after the woman who alerted Hungry Horse to the scene, she is expected to make a full recovery and will be seen by a neck and back specialist next week.