Run Free Bella

This morning we bring you some heartbreaking news, yesterday afternoon our little Bella passed peacefully with those who loved her. It was the professional opinion of her vet and her farrier that the kindest thing to do for her was let her go. We had all been worried over the last number of days and weeks that her progress had slowed and in fact was non existent, she was finding it harder and harder to walk, her treatment wasn’t having the effect it needed to be having on her much to the disdain of all who had a part in her rescue and her aftercare.
Like everything in life, the hardest thing to admit is when you have lost. We won a series of mini battles with Bella but ultimately previous neglect won the war, it too much for this very special little girl.

The little girl who was so unwanted by so many people, who lived a life of torture, was also the sweetest kindest little girl one could meet.
We had her life mapped out for her, she’d never want again, she could stay with us for the rest of her life, nodding around with some of our oldies, she’d always have a place to call home, we wanted to show her the world, a world of kindness and compassion something Bella missed out on all her life. In 7 short weeks Bella stole the hearts of the team at HHO,since receiving the devastating news yesterday that she wouldn’t get any better, there has been a quiver in the voice of anyone speaking her name, eyes watering in those who were listening, we’re devastated to say the least, our hearts ache today, there is someone missing around the HHO yard this morning, a void that will never be filled.

Bella’s stable lies empty this morning, her little gate still hanging as if she is still there watching what activity is around the yard, her rubber matting still in place and a bed of straw fit for a princess remains unslept in. After what has been such a difficult week, we’re at such a low. Our beautiful girl, with her beautiful heart is at rest now, we’re hoping she knew how much we cared about her, how much we loved her, how much we willed her to live and be happy.

Rest now sweetheart, you were one in a million, we’re so happy we plaited your mane, groomed your little body. smuggled extra carrots into your stable, took all those moments to sit and speak to you.
Thank you to everyone who sent Bella little gifts and thank you to everyone who sent a donation towards her farrier and veterinary treatment, to those who sent bottles of “buteless” to help with her pain.
Bye Bye Darling girl, we’re sorry we couldn’t save you, we tried so so hard. xxx

Darling Bella