St.Patrick’s Day Parade 2014 Double Winners

Hungry Horse Outside win Public Service of the Year for the second consecutive year. We are so proud of what we have acheived however we would not have been able to do it without a significant amount of help and dedication.

Firstly a big thank you and well done to Amanda who spent hours painting and repainting Gypsy. To Robert Donaghue who lent us a harness and trap for Garfield. To Doireann who rode spot, To Shannon and Kevin who led some of the ponies and donkeys, to Marie, Shauna, Luke, Gypsy,Chloe who all helped out on the day.

Artistic painting depicting the inside of a horse.
Artistic painting depicting the inside of a horse.

It is incredible feeling to part of something that is making such a significant impact on equine welfare, we are all so proud of all the animal that walked with us today.

They were the stars of the show, stopping to say hello to the crowds, get their pictures taken. We are incredibly proud of the people who work tirelessly nursing these animals back to health, training them and rehoming them, the people who keep Hungry Horse Outside alive day in day out.