Tough times for Hungry Horse Outside

Help Please
Good evening everyone. We can truly say We have just had a day from hell. Our whole team of volunteers have been out in force battling the elements to get animals to safety after the storm. We can safely say Longford is submerged in water. Fields not even prone to flooding are underground. Some of our own land with Our field shelters have also been affected. We’ve been out since dawn, rescuing and almost rowing home. A record number of trips to the vet were made today. The volunteers cars and vans could not withstand the floods so our jeeps were not off the road today.
We sit here tonight and think of the day, we managed to get horses off the main road where their fence had fallen Down and their field submerged. We aided many people with moving their animals to safety, we prepared for incoming animals and we tried to fix up our own place damaged by the storm. We rescued an injured duck (a first even for us) dogs, cats, little foals and yearlings. Tomorrow our day is filled again. We must try and get more suffering animals to safety.

We don’t ask very often but please if you can at all help us help the animals in need. HHO intend to help support the animals and their owners in the wake of this devastation by helping get their animals to safety and helping with extra feed, rugs, shelter if and when needed.
We also need to support the animals in our ├žare and with the vet, feed, straw and repair bill on the rise we need your help.
More photos tomorrow of the 20+ animals rescued today. We’ll be counting on you all. We know it is coming to Christmas and we know things are tight but please consider a once off donation to help us help the animals in need the best we can.

Rescued Duck
Flooding Longford
Flooding Longford

Horses Eating Hay