HHO Kermit

Beautiful Kermit is now ready to meet his family, he is just 3 years old and is very quiet and kind. He is eager to learn and please. He has quite an active mind so would enjoy a family who would continue his education. Kermit is 115cm tall and is gelded and ready to go

HHO Bedford

  Bedford is a beautiful gelding who is waiting to meet his family, he is just 3 years old and is quiet, intelligent and very eager to learn. Bedford has the innocence of youth so will be best suited to a family willing to continue his education. He is castrated and ready to go! Bedford is about 145cm. 

HHO Thomas

Thomas is a very handsome boy who is searching for his forever family. He is just 3 years old and is showing promise with his attitude to learning. He is very smart and enjoys his learning, Thomas will make a fantastic pony for someone willing to put in the time to train and educate him. Thomas is 140cm and is castrated and ready to move on. 

HHO Sunnie

Sunnie is a beautiful boy who is waiting to meet his forever family. He is just 4 years old and has a lifetime of good memories to give a lucky family. Sunnie will need an experienced family to continue to teach him and train him. His attitude to education has been good, however he is a little shy and needs a family who will consistently handle him. He is 140cm and castrated. 

HHO Spike

Spike is just 2 years old, he is a real cutie who is searching for his forever family. Spike is 110cm and has a friendly and kind personality. Spike’s ideal family would be someone who is willing to spend time training him when he is old enough. 

HHO Lizzie

The beautiful HHO Lizzie is now searching for a family of her own. Lizzie has had a very hard life prior to HHO. She was frightened and unhandled. She develops greatly every single day and shows great potential to be an excellent pony. Lizzie is about 5 years old and 135cm tall

HHO Bailey

The fabulous Bailey is ready to meet her family
She is just two years old and has such a nice, kind personality. She is currently 126cm and has the potential to grow some more.
Bailey has a wonderful nature, she leads and is quite happy to have human company

HHO Presley

This fabulous boy is looking for his family.Presley is kind and quiet and  easy to manage. He enjoys grooming and enjoys learning. He likes to please. He is looking for a family who will continue his education and will give him a secure and comfortable future.
Presley is about 4 years old and 123cm tall.

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