Foal mania at HHO

Foal mania at HHO!!! We think they are falling out of the sky! Here is little Megan with her rescue mummy Gypsy! These pair have quite a unique story, Gypsy came to us only a short while ago, emaciated and clearly close to foaling, the huge surprise was not only one foal came but two, Megan is actually a twin, something we haven’t seen here in all the years of HHO and all the mares we have had foal. Sadly her little brother Harry didnt make it despite all our efforts and around the clock care, he survived only two days and went rapidly down hill. Fortunately Megan and Gypsy are now doing well and are getting stronger every day. We are looking forward to the day they are both strong enough to go to their forever home.

The end of an era

The end of an era here at Hungry Horse Outside, sadly Benson our Geep (cross between a goat and sheep), died this evening. He has been an integrite part of HHO and our story. He has been a constant face and friend to all the staff at HHO. A funny and interesting creature, almost our mascot. Happy to walk on a lead with our dogs, no stranger to jumping in to the back of a van or a car, a big fan of the public and biccies. Funnily enough he wasn’t a fan of either sheep or goats preferring to share a stable with a horse. Benny came to us many years ago when the yard he was living on was closing and he was to be put to sleep. He kept box walkers company in the stable, although free to do what he wanted with us he continued his job here without being asked. He had a particular love for chestnut horses and always favoured their stable, he stood watching weak chestnut horses on many of night, taking the longest shift all by choice. We’ve been privileged to have him as part of our crew since the beginning. We’re not sure how old he was but the answer was always the same ‘old’. We will never forget his quirky ways, he will be sorely missed around our yard. It wont be the same tomorrow morning knowing he is not waiting for us, knowing he wont knock on the door for a biscuit ever again. Good bye our little friend, we hope we did you justice, you’ll be sorely missed.