Zero’s story with HHO

To tell Zero’s story, we need to step back to November last year.
It was a bitterly cold night when we set of on a journey to Kilkenny that would save the lives of 3 more souls, hidden in a half acre garden with nothing but muck to eat. After being sent photographs of these three animals who were fighting for survival we knew we weren’t leaving without them. After hours of waiting all three were safely loaded and carefully we undertook the three hour journey back home, to be met with an array of people. Veterinary surgeons and staff waited for their arrival. Beds and food prepared for the horses they had yet to meet. It was certainly Irelands hidden shame, wet rugs covering bones, a ridiculous attempt to hide the shame of starving these poor animals, weak and feable horses, waiting for their fate. A sadness in their once vibrant souls, just shadows of their former selves.
After months of rehabilitation and a long troublesome road, finally we started to see a difference. Life was returning to all three. The little greeting in the morning could be heard, all three looking forward to their breakfast and their walk about and suddenly life was different, they began to feel secure in their routines, suddenly started piling on weight and just what seems like overnight we arrived to three completely different horses looking for their breakfast.
It was that day we knew it was time for them to go home. We had done everything we could for them with only one last thing we could offer them, to drive them home, to make that final journey with them.
Over the weekend we had the pleasure of loading Zero on to our lorry and driving all the way to Sweden where he will live his life, surrounded by love and good people. His only task to enjoy life. Good bye friend, we’ll never forget the day we meet but we definitely hope you do.

Sad days here at HHO for donkeys!

This poor boy was brought in with a massive growth in his mouth, inhibiting his ability to eat and drink. He was suffering terribly and was extremely distressed. Luckily our wonderful vets were able to operate and have given him an excellent chance at recovery. We’re looking forward to a bright future for him.

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