Lucy’s progress

A little while ago we brought you Lucy’s story, how this beautiful little mare was struggling to keep herself alive as well as her unborn foal. We were frustrated, angry and upset by the state this girl was left in. We’ve been working round the clock for Lucy and her foal and here are a few snaps as showing her progress. Whilst we’re still a little worried about her pending foal we’re delighted to see how much weight she has put on and how she has responded to treatment. The future looks bright for Lucy! Well done Lucy!!!!!
A massive thank you to everyone who got behind Lucy and helped save this broken soul. To the German friends who sent colostrum for the baby, food for Lucy, vitamins and minerals for her. Thank you for believing in her , we’ll keep you all updated when we finally meet her foal!

Neglected horse's progress

New Charity Shop and Education Centre

Hungry Horse Outside are delighted to announce we will be opening a 2nd hand shop and Education Centre in the heart of Longford Town, we have been working for months in the background to secure a suitable premises and finally with the help of two local business people, we found and secured the perfect venue.
We are hoping to be up and running in about 1 month, All profits from the shop will be returned to help with the care and rehabilitation of the hundreds of horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and even doggies and cats we help each year. With winter looming, our most difficult months are just around the corner and we’re hoping with your support we can ease at least some of the financial woes the charity experiences during the dark, wet, cold months

Sooooooo now we need your help!!! (Please)

Good quality, clean clothes and shoes,
Bags and accessories.
Cd’s and DVD’s
Soft furnishings,
Bric a Brac
Horseware, saddles, bridles, rugs, girths, bits, headcollars etc

So if you are having a clearout, please consider donating the above to our project, your house will be decluttered and you will make a huge differences to the lives of Ireland’s forgotten animals.

Kieran and Cliona join the team

What can we say about this little child only we’re very very proud to have him on our side. A remarkable young man who dedicated his time to ensuring the HHO ponies residing at his house have the very best chance of getting a home. Kieran put his little heart and soul into HHO Annabelle and sadly on Friday he was devastated to see her leave.

Although heartbroken to see Annabelle go after spending months handling, grooming, spoiling and eventually riding her , Kieran put his own feelings aside and walked Annabelle to a lorry where she began her journey to a better life, knowing her new family would love her just as much as he did and at 10 years old knowing another pony needed him much more than Annabelle did.

We’re so so proud of you and your little sister Cliona who is flat out setting up obstacle courses and feeding carrots to the rest! You two are our heroes and well done to you both. we’re so proud of you both and thank you for joining team HHO.

Young Boy leads Horse to new home

Beautiful Ruby Blossoms!

So Ruby’s time with us is coming to an end, a full 17 months has passed since we found her on that horrible winter’s day. Our hearts burst with pride when we see the girl that stands before us today. At just two years old she towers over her companions, she is beautiful on the outside and inside.
What we found that day was a bag of bones, legs rotten with infection, a little yearling so weak that we were unsure if she would live but Ruby had a fire in her, a desire to live and was willing to accept the hand that was being offered to her. Our darling girl has grown up right before our eyes, the past just a distant memory, a beauty with her whole life on front of her. Every moment of worry, every sleepless night, everytime we had to lift her to help her stand, every tear we shed was worth it, would we do it again? YES!

Healthy Horse in Field

A new Dawn for a forgotten horse

HHO Dawn cracks us up. We’re blessed she has been rehomed to a family who continuously update us on her progress. Dawn comes from very bleak beginnings but looking at this photo we can’t help but smile and be assured she has long forgotten her days of hunger, hopelessness and neglect. She stands today, still only a baby but with a whole life of happiness ahead of her.

White Horse Bucking with glee

Rescue Equines steal the show at Ballinamore

Team Hungry Horse bring it home again. We’re so proud of all our rescues who competed at Ballinamore show today. Many their first day out, each one of them behaved impeccably. Each one of them abandoned, abused, neglected not so long ago, we’ve watched each one of them develop into the super stars they are today.

Huge congratulations to all their handlers especially some of our younger volunteers who showed today for the first time ever. We’re proving over and over that rescue horses and donkeys(sorry Mortamur) can win, hard work, dedication and a willingness to succeed is all it takes. If you are willing to put the effort in, it is most definitely worth considering a rescue. More homes mean more room for others in need. Well done team HHO!

HHO Mortamur takes home 1st place
HHO Mortamur takes home 1st place
From Skin and Bones to show winner!
From Skin and Bones to show winner!
Quite the haul of prizes for horses nobody else wanted!
Quite the haul of prizes for horses nobody else wanted!

Celeb’s visit Hungry Horse Outside!

Wow what a fantastic day. Guess who arrived at our yard today. Tony Head from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and his lovely partner Sarah Fischer. Tony and Sarah have set up a fantastic campaign called Cool to be Kind to help all rescue centres world wide.

Tony Head visits the Horses
Tony and Sarah spent the whole afternoon with us, met a lot of the rescues currently in our care. We had such a fantastic time and thank you so much for spending so much time with Jamie, Gadaffi, Cupcake, Mortimur and our star struck volunteers.

Cool to be kind bands are available to buy through our facebook page or in Maxi Zoo Longford. Each cent raised goes directly towards caring for the animals at hungry horse. Thank you so much Tony and Sarah and thank you for choosing HHO as one of your stops we are very privileged to have you visit and we’re looking forward to having you back.

Celeb's visit Hungry Horse Outside

A Day At Sai Sanctuary

Every now and again (about every 3 years), we manage to convince Hilary to leave Hungry Horse Outside for a few hours. We felt it was prevalent to show the young boys and girls that spend their summers doing their part to help Irish horses how a sanctuary is run. The differences between a rescue, rehabilitation and training facility to the equally important Sanctuary and the peaceful beautiful life the animals have with Sue Paling of Sai Sanctuary. Sue works equally as hard as everyone involved with Hungry Horse, giving each animal the quality of life they deserve.

Happy Donkeys
Happy Donkeys

Sometimes even we need a reminder to take a step back and enjoy the animal in hand and a stark reminder of the importance of what Sue has created for these animals, animals that would normally be put to sleep, due to age, health worries or a simple lack of space.

Sue extended a huge warm welcome to our young volunteers and answered all their questions as regards what she does, how she runs and how she built the life she has for the animals.
Sue helps Hungry Horse Outside out in any way she can, she has taken and supported many of our horses on a short term basis, she has also taken in many of our donkeys as well as some little ponies including Twinkle who featured on our page a number of weeks back.

Donkey loves his rubs
Donkey loves his rubs

Thank you Sue for showing us all your Sanctuary, for letting us meet all the animals in your care and for even looking after some of the HHO bunch for the summer, a truly remarkable woman whom we have huge respect and admiration for.
A huge huge thank you Sue for having ourselves and the gang today! (and for the cake)

Rest and Relaxation
Rest and Relaxation


Minister Coveney visits Hungry Horse Outside

On behalf of the Directors and the Volunteers of Hungry Horse Outside we would like to thank Minister Coveney for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to visit us in Longford. During his visit the Minister announced that he would be offering us €20,000 to continue our work, a very unexpected and much needed surprise.

Overjoyed by the great news!
Overjoyed by the great news!

We would like to thank the Minister and his Colleagues for their appreciation of what we do in Longford, we saw a different side of both the minister and his colleagues yesterday, normal, caring people with a great fondness for animals.

Ruby and Corky tugged on the heartstrings of Ms. McGuinness however it was Possum who is to be rehomed today to an autistic non verbal child really stole her heart.

There were several oohhs and awwhs when our ladies arrived on the riding horses, who we have to saw behaved impeccably as always, loved the attention they were getting and Esther even had a surprise rider on her back one of our local candidates.

Rescue Horses show what they can do!
Rescue Horses show what they can do!

We would also like to thank everyone who came over to support from our side, Donnagh McDonnell our vet, Michael King our County Vet, Sue Paling from Sai Sanctuary,Robert Donaghue who lent us his trap for Garfield again!Your ongoing support and believe in what we do has been incredible.

Finally thank you to all our followers who consistently supported our work we hope you will continue following us, our work and our animals through their journey from being rescued or impounded until they day they finally go home.
This money will benefit the animals of Longford greatly! Still in Shock.

Minister for Agriculture visits Hungry Horse Outside
Minister Coveney enjoying the horses