Busy Times for Hungry Horse Outside

You may have noticed we have been unusually quiet over the Christmas period , whilst our internet presence has been low the volunteers of HHO have been far from idle. The past month of continuous storms have taken it out of us physically, emotionally and financially. Mending damaged buildings, tending to animals and their owners in need of help, rescuing animals at a rate which has left us dizzy. Today started at quarter past 5 this Morning when the lorry set out, later this morning the two horse boxes went in different directions to help more horses in need. Whilst another couple of volunteers nurse a very sick trotter mare at home and our little weak foals and look after the rest of animals already in our care Reports coming back are so far there are two very cold and poor condition foals on board, 2 little Shetlands, a little filly and we are waiting on further updates. We’ll back online when we come up for air!